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What's New in Version 11.1

45 New Holiday Themes

45 new Holiday related themes released. Just in time for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Winter Holidays. Give your website a “Holiday Look” by switching your default theme for the layout you are using.

Holiday Image Library

Over 90 new images for your animation widgets. Place an image slider widget in your layout and select from a growing library of ready-made images to showcase some of the products you are selling. New images specific to the Holiday Season.

Enhancements and Fixes
  • Several layouts released in version 11 (97, 99, 101 and 103) did not display text and custom defined links. We fixed this issue and now these layouts display this optional text and links in all pages, including a secure page logo where necessary.
  • Fixed an issue with secure pages where some content was triggering a non-secure content browser alert. This code fix improves the browsing experience by eliminating the confusion caused by this popup alert.
  • An error message was displayed in layouts 106 and 107 when a registered customer was trying to review the order history. We fixed this issue and the order history page displays properly in these layouts.
  • Layouts 106 and 107 were displaying a "Page can not be displayed" alert when a product found in the shopping cart had to be edited. This problem was leading to the impossibility to change or remove a product from the shopping cart before proceeding to the checkout page. We fixed this issue and these layouts are restored to normal functionality.
  • When trying to view details for packages (a new feature introduced in version 10 that allows multiple or single item shipping using major carriers and their specific requirements) related to orders generated prior to version 9, the Site Manager returned a server error. Since the packages option was not available at that time, the normal behavior for this function is to show the order details.
  • To increase the safety of data submitted by visitors through your website, we included the affiliate section login and affiliate sign-up pages under a secure server. From now on, these registration and login pages benefit from the same level of encryption as provided for the checkout and other personalized pages throughout the website.
  • Updated certain layout images in Site Manager which were showing options not fully implemented yet.
  • Fixed a display issue in layout 97 where certain pages were displaying images and product descriptions in a misaligned table.
  • We found an issue where certain image widgets would not work properly when a link for a product is clicked. This problem was fixed and image widgets provide correct functionality.
  • Fixed an issue where some department names were duplicated in the department navigation bar.
  • Fixed a discrepancy in the sitemap.xml file where certain departments where displaying wrong id numbers. The departments’ id numbers are now in concordance with the correct id as set in the Departments section of Site Manager.
  • Added the state of Alabama in the Shipping Calculator Settings in Site Manager.
  • The display of the department navigation bar in layout 97 was covering certain functional elements. This behavior was specific to Internet Explorer 7. We fixed this issue and adjusted the gift card image in the Gift Card popup box which was distorted.
  • Updated images to display the Sign Out links for layouts 109 and 110.
  • Enhanced the PayPal payment option in the checkout process. This type of payment involves processing by PayPal which takes place on their website. There is a certain delay between submitting the payment and the actual process. Due to this delay, if a customer was returning to the checkout page before the processing finished, the order was cancelled causing unnecessary delays and confusion. Since we cannot control the PayPal processing system, there is now a warning displayed before the Purchase button in the checkout page.
  • When using layout 97, the Exclusive Offers widget was missing the Submit button. We fixed this issue.
  • Fixed a problem within the My Account section in the websites. After signing up or login in into My Account, a registered shopper can contact the website owner using a Contact Us page. In this page, clicking on the email address of the website owner or on the Contact Us button had the effect of signing out the shopper. After applying the code fix, this page behaves normally, preserves the login status and giving access to the contact form.
  • When updating the Product Inventory for a non SMC product, or editing settings under Product Options, there is a task completion message displayed. This message was not displaying properly and it was fixed.

Version 11

Back By Popular Demand

We took a look at our most popular layouts we have offered throughout the years and have updated them with the latest "bells and whistles". Ten updated layouts make your website more dynamic and attractive.

Ten Brand New Layouts

More layouts loaded with the latest features available in version 11. Bigger, bolder, more attractive and user friendly.

Customizable Distribution Lists

The secret to a solid e-commerce business is great customer communications. Now you can separate your shoppers into groups and target them with personalized messages.

Send Website Launch Email

You've got a brand new e-commerce website. Now what? How about announcing your "Grand Opening" with an email message to your friends and family.

Upload Your Products to Google Shopping

If you want to attract more traffic to your e-commerce website, you should expose your products to as many potential shoppers as possible. By making your product list available to Google Product Search, you get links back to your website on the most popular search engine.

Promote Your Products on Facebook

Every time you update a product on your website or add a new product, you can now share it with your friends on Facebook.

Optional Outgoing Email Setup

Want to use your existing Gmail or Hotmail account with your new e-commerce website? Now you can opt between using the built-in email capabilities of your website, or use an existing account to send out your messages. This new feature brings more flexibility and speed to your customer relationships.

Enhancements and Fixes
  • Buzz and Twitter sharing options for certain website packages.
  • Enhanced spamming protection for your website by requiring visitors who use the “tell-a-friend” emailing feature to register with your website. Until now, anybody could sent emails using this feature and potentially list your website as a spam generator.
  • Until now, a certain payment option was selected by default, even if the administrator didn’t want to use that specific option. In version 11 we enhanced this selection process and the administrator can now use any payment options without any default conditions.
  • Auction Expeditor/Turbolister requires additional information from .csv file in order for products to be submitted into eBay. We added a return policy setting in order to comply with Turbolister requirements.
  • Image slider in the widget library was missing an option to allow scrolling images from right-to-left. The image slider now has this option.
  • In order to provide more information on the product tag cloud links we used certain code to display this information. We improved this code in order to comply with Web standards.
  • Enhanced functionality for the Newsletter feature: the selected subject now includes an option related to the launching of a new website.
  • In previous versions, when a user wanted to change a layout theme, the current theme was reset to “default” before the new selection. We now display the selected layout with a link to directly change the theme, overriding the reset process.
  • Improved user instructions in regards to the recently introduced enhancements to the security of your website. This includes changing your password and user name.
  • Fixed an error when entering single quotes in the “search for affiliates by email address”. The search function now accepts single quotes.
  • Fixed an issue with the calendar display cutoff in the Affiliate program payout page.
  • Fixed a display alignment issue present in the Safari browser for the product detail page.
  • Fixed a display issue for the Promotions page in the website in order to make it more flexible and improve appearance. The same fix was applied to the "About Us", "FAQ", "Privacy Policy" and "Return Policy" pages.
  • Fixed an issue with uploading sales tax files with blank spaces in the file name. Now the file name can include blank spaces and will upload successfully.
  • Fixed a code related issue for the account login page where text entered in the Site Manager was not displayed properly.
  • Fixed functionality of the account ID display which was affecting the display of certain layouts.
  • Fixed an error where an administrator could not delete 50 products in the Site Manager when the Product list was displaying 50 products.

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