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eMerchantClub Search Engine Marketing Packages:

The Internet is big and getting bigger every day. When you are just getting started, you might wonder how anyone will ever find your online store with all of the competition out there.

Technology is changing every day. Do you know how to take advantage of that technology to bring business to your website?

Our Search Engine Marketing team constantly researches the latest trends and techniques to get you the best results. Their vast knowledge of search engine technology can give you the edge you need to succeed in the highly competitive world of eCommerce. eMerchantClub’s Search Engine Marketing packages provide you with cutting-edge and up-to-date solutions that can drive hordes of eager buyers to your online business.

According to studies, the use of search engines is second only to “Checking e-mail” as the top activity that Internet users perform whenever they are online. They serve as the primary platform for finding information, products, services or a company’s' website. Without search engines, your site is invisible to consumers!

Proper search engine submission is mandatory if you want a chance at being found and visited. Websites that have not been crawled and indexed by search engines have no chance of being found by any potential customer. If Search Engines have no idea that your website exists, how are people going to find you?

eMerchantClub offers you two ways to gain online visibility for your eCommerce website. While no legitimate search engine services company can guarantee you top ten positions for competitive keywords, we can promise you that people will be able to find your website.

eMerchantClub Search Engine Submission Package:

For those looking to jumpstart their online business, eMerchantClub’s Entry Level Search Engine Submission Package is a service priced at $299 a year. We can apply this package to your site within 2 weeks (and often sooner) of the date you purchase the service.

This means that in just 4-8 weeks, your site can begin to show up in the 3 major search engines and directories Yahoo, MSN, and Google. Once your site shows up on these major search engines / directories, hundreds of other search engines and directories can find and index your site.

Our eMerchantClub Search Engine Submission Package comes with a search engine optimized template available to those SMC® members who have our latest version SMC® eCommerce Websites which include title tags and meta tags added to all of your departments.

Don't be left out of the search engine results! Order the eMerchantClub Search Engine Submission Package to make sure that people are able to find your website!

To order the eMerchantClub Search Engine Package or to get more information please contact our Sales Department either online by E-mail or call us toll free at:

eMerchantClub Search Engine Optimization Package:  

For those who want to further increase their website's visibility and competitive search ranking against other websites, our eMerchantClub Search Engine Optimization Package is an Advanced Level service priced at $499 a year.

Having your website submitted to search engines is just one necessary part of an online marketing campaign. With the intense competition between websites for search engine ranking, it is very important to keep up with the latest technologies search engines use to rank their search results. This is the number one priority for our SEO team and now we can apply this knowledge in a way that benefits our members.

Members who purchase our eMerchantClub Search Engine Optimization Package automatically receive the eMerchantClub Search Engine Submission Package. Additionally, your website will be manually customized with more sophisticated title tags, meta tags and pages containing body content that targets specific keyword phrases that were exhaustively researched by our team and found to be the most critical for attracting visitors through the major search engines.

To order the eMerchantClub Search Engine Optimization Package or to get more information please contact our Sales Department either online by E-mail or call us toll free at: 1-800-750-2871.

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