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Reminder Service

Reminder Service for SMC® eCommerce Websites:

You have a website. You have lots of visitors. Now, how can you add to your shopper base and encourage them to return to your site? eMerchantClub's Reminder Service is a great feature that will bring visitors and shoppers back. This service uses e-mail to remind your shoppers of special occasions and events like birthdays, holidays, graduations, anniversaries and the wonderful gifts you have to offer them for these occasions.

Have you ever gone to a website and thought, "This gift would be great for Aunt Sue, but I can't buy it now. I'll have to come back later, if I can remember the Web address." But how often do you really remember and return to the site? Or, "I know my friend John has been looking for one of those products all over the place. I'll try to remember to tell him about this website"? But then how often does this information really get passed on to your friend?

Here's how the Reminder Service feature Works!

A link on your home page will read, "Never forget another special occasion again - Free Reminder Service - Click Here". All a shopper has to do is click on the link, type in the occasion or event and date of which they want to be reminded of, and then they automatically receive an e-mail before each occasion with a message like; "Remember your sister's birthday on (2 weeks away)" - then, a message will appear that says "Click here to go shopping now" and the link will direct the shopper right to your web store. The E-mail goes out 2 weeks before each occasion or event to make sure they have enough time to order a gift from you. Shoppers can even set up reminders and forward them to friends.

It's Easy to Set Up!

Just CLICK on the Reminders link in the Marketing section of your Site Manager. You can customize the E-mail message that goes to your shoppers. Set up the Subject field of the reminder E-mails, using a variable that will display the shopper's special name or event name. Use variables in the E-mail body to display the important dates and other personalized information. The shopper has control of the event dates. They can come back and edit or delete their reminders.

You will have access to a list of all the reminders shoppers have entered on your website. You can view all your reminders by shoppers or by dates. You can manage them by deleting them or deactivating them. Enter the expiration date for reminders by years. This will tell your website for how long to keep sending the reminders

Bring your shoppers back!

eMerchantClub's Reminder Service is a great benefit you can offer your shoppers absolutely free - and an opportunity for you to attract shoppers to your website when they need to buy a gift.

The Reminder Service is available for all size SMC® eCommerce models. To order the eMerchantClub Reminder Service feature or to get more information please contact our Sales Department via E-mail usE-mail or call us toll free at: 1-800-750-2871.

Note: The Reminder Service feature has an additional cost, so it may not be enabled on your website.

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