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Keyword Maximizer by eMerchantClub:

In order to provide our customers with every advantage possible to continue to be at the forefront of online competition, we are very happy and excited to announce the latest feature, a very powerful new tool to assist in the development of keywords that result in optimal search engine rankings. We proudly introduce the Keyword Maximizer.

Using the Keyword Maximizer enables you to optimize your site to achieve the very best Search Engine rankings. First page results are what every site hopes for and Keyword Maximizer gets you closer to attaining that coveted goal.

You enter current keywords, phrases, or even your own EMC website address, and the Keyword Maximizer provides not only a list of suggested keywords and phrases, but more importantly, it also shows the statistics that calculate the effectiveness of those keywords and phrases. And this is the information that helps set your website apart from your competitors. Once you’ve selected your optimum keyword ideas, the Site Manager then enables you to implement those new keywords on the products you select—all with just a few clicks!

The Keyword Maximizer package includes two important new enhancements. The first enhancement is a seamless link from eMerchantClub’s Site Manager to Google’s Keyword Tool. (Seamless means that Google™ is accessible directly from your Site Manager without ever leaving the site.)

You supply current keywords or phrases or even your own eMerchantClub website address, and the Google tool automatically provides a list of suggested keywords, phrases and the stats on their effectiveness at driving traffic to websites.

The second enhancement offered in the Keyword Maximizer package is a new Find and Replace tool which allows you to find all of the occurrences of a certain word or phrase on your product pages and replace them with new keywords of your choosing.

With this package, you can use Google’s Keyword Tool to help you determine which keywords to target and then you can use the Find and Replace tool to add those keywords to your site.

If you still have any questions about our products, please check the faqFAQ page. Still can't find the right answer? Don't hesitate to contact usContact Us with your questions.

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